Local Rotarian Adrian Kloet, visits India with Rotary to participate in national immunization program against Polio.
On Thursday January 21st, guest speaker Adrian Kloet treated The Ancaster Rotary Club to a slideshow presentation about his eight day trip to India. Adrian traveled to the country in support of the the PolioPlus Program. Despite the cold and foggy weather, he was able to experience the many sides of India's major cities and villages. He divided his presentation into four segments, focusing on the contrasts of India, the faces of India, Polio statistics and the Rotarians at work in the country. The statistics about Polio that Adrian shared reveal just how crucial the immunization really is, especially for a country in which fifty-seven people die from malnutrition and poor hygiene every hour. According to his Rotary World Health Club presentation, five million children are crippled by the disease in four countries. Fortunately, 200 core children (In India that means about ten million) are presently immunized in New Delhi. During his trip, Adrian worked alongside a one day immunization group of sixteen Rotarians from four districts (eight or nine Rotary clubs). Adrian and fellow Rotarians drew very large crowds. He explained that they were often treated like celebrities, which helped draw much attention the important issue of Polio immunization. Adrian talked briefly about the extensive and immaculate record keeping that the clinics in India have perfected, in order to ensure that children receive the Polio vaccination. He was one of many Rotarians in India to work hard with the health organizations in place to oversee the vaccination procedure. During his trip, Adrian was also able to involve himself in some great Rotary Club projects, including an education centre and an eye clinic that carries out Cataract operations. Adrian Kloet would like to say thank you on behalf of India to Rotary Club members who support the Polio Plus Program. **** The Ancaster Rotary Club will also be raising money that it plans to send to organizations in Haiti. The money sent will be used in communities that have been ravaged by the recent earthquake. Written By: Laura Konyndyk, Journalist Redeemer College